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New York Film Academy - Serious Concerns

New York Film Academy - Review - Serious Film School or Scam?

New York Film Academy - is it a serious film school? I'm Jerry the Prof, and lately people have been asking me about NYFA. NYFA operates film and acting schools in Los Angeles and New York and in a number of cities around the world.

Seems an email from a disgruntled instructor at NYFA posted on a blog has gone viral. The email is a scathing report on the New York Film Academy school. Many comments on the post seems to agree with the instructor's very poor evaluation of the New York Film Academy.

Coming in for particular criticism in the email is the Senior Director, Jean Sherlock.

Understand that NYFA is a "FOR-profit school". Unlike traditional private schools that are NON-profit and were founded to teach, the basic purpose of the New York Film Academy is to make money. It has been described as a corporate business pure and simple.

The anonymous author of the email goes on to point out what he claims are unfair and possibly illegal practices in how the faculty is handled. He says that the equipment the New York Film Academy has for students to learn filmmaking with is inadequate and mismanaged. He makes many other claims which you can read for yourself. Also do a search on and see the additional unfavorable reviews there.

I see the many advertisements for the New York Film Academy and hear about the heavy sales pitch given to any potential student who shows interest. Many web sites strongly promote NYFA which I suspect is due to the large commissions paid if they help sign up more students.

The NYFA is not on my list of the top film schools. Nothing I have ever heard about NYFA is about to change my mind.

I have never attended NYFA, don't personally know anyone who has and have no vested interest concerning NYFA one way or the other. I'm simply reporting what I am hearing.

New York Film Academy - Privatized Education In America

I have reported before in my blog about the scandal of for-profit film schools. Do your research and think VERY seriously before you sign up to attend the New York Film Academy.

There are just too many reports coming out indicating you will not get your money's worth until something drastic changes in how the school is run.

Even if major changes are made I still can't recommend that any student wanting to become a filmmaker spend anything like the money required to attend a traditional kind of film school. What you will learn at any film school is so basic and easy to learn that the cost and time involved makes no sense.

There is nothing magical about attending film school to get you into filmmaking. Movie making takes a little effort to break in to but a college degree isn't required. Energy, persistence and a little talent are the requirements. It can be done.

If you want to give it a try have a look at the resources below before you commit yourself to thousands and thousands of dollars in tuition to a greedy business claiming to be a film school.

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