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Film School Secrets - Why Do Graduates of Top Institutions Rarely Succeed?

Film School Isn't A Very Good Route Into Filmmaking

I receive emails almost daily asking me how to get into top film schools and get a filmmaking degree.

My answer is always the same: Think carefully before you commit years of your life and tens of thousands of dollars to get a filmmaking degree. The best schools may not be the top film school choice for you.

Hi! I'm Jerry "the Prof" at this online film school and I'd like to share with you some film school secrets that few people talk about.

Most Graduates Fail!

The most shocking film school secret is that the vast majority of graduates fail miserably at achieving a career in filmmaking. In fact there are even more disturbing film school secrets that aren't being discussed. Here is a short list:

  • Top film schools are outrageously expensive for the poor quality of instruction you get
  • Film school degrees are nearly worthless for getting a job and are generally considered a joke by the film studio hiring managers
  • Even the best film schools teach the wrong career skills and that will almost guarantee you will fail as a filmmaker
  • There are much faster, less expensive and more effective ways to get into filmmaking that greatly improve your odds of success

The filmmaking and entertainment industry in America and the world is one of the largest industries and employs untold thousands of workers, often at very high salaries, but it can be very hard to break into the industry unless you know the right techniques for getting noticed and getting ahead.

In all the years I've been involved in filmmaking I've always been terribly troubled by stories I've heard over and over again from graduates about how poorly they were prepared by their universities for a career in filmmaking.

And these are students at the very top schools in the world. Schools like UCLA, USC and NYU.

Instruction Is Mostly Mediocre

Another important secret is that real filmmakers are working as filmmakers and aren't teaching. The actual instructors you will get have probably never been on a professional film set in their life. I've interviewed many of them and always been shocked by their total lack of real filmmaking experience and knowledge.

You will receive rote instruction in a lot of theory and get to play around making experimental shorts that no one will ever see. You may end up with tens of thousands of dollars in student loans and none of what you learned will get you a job in Hollywood.

You see, the people who succeed in filmmaking are the rebels and entrepreneurs with a creative vision who work their own hours and do things their way. But even the best universities don't teach and nurture those skills, instead they are structured in ways that slowly drain the rebel spirit out of the students and turn them into obedient drones.

You go to class when the bell rings, you do the assignments you are given by the "professors" and aren't taught to think outside the box. The only jobs you will be qualified for in Hollywood are as secretaries or production assistants making minimum wage.

What Have You Done Lately?

No one in Hollywood cares about your degree. They only want to see the work you have done ... lately.

The things I'm saying may be hard to accept if you've spent years dreaming of university and the career you thought it would buy you.

The fact is that you don't need four years in college when all the skills you need to start working in filmmaking can be picked up in a couple of weeks with the right sources.

I set up this web site to help aspiring students all over the world get access to the basic information they need to get started and begin building their career. And the best sources of that information will not cost you thousands of dollars.

The real trick is getting onto a film set, or creating your own film set, so you can begin to learn and nurture your inner creative rebel. Along with learning a few basic skills you just need a strategy for getting getting a real start.

Product Reviews
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Must Have!

The Most Up-To-Date And Complete Way To Learn Everything You Need To Know About Filmmaking In Just 2 Days!

You don't need years of expensive film school to learn all the basic knowledge to be a filmmaker. Many of the most respected filmmakers in the world have stated that all the facts you need to make it as a filmmaker can be learned in a few days. Here are some of the top industry professionals that never got a film degree:

  • Peter Jackson
  • Steven Spielberg
  • James Cameron
  • Sir Ridley Scott
  • David Fincher
  • Stephen Soderbergh
  • Robert Rodriguez
  • Quentin Tarantino
  • Richard Linklater
  • Spike Jonze

"I think the most important thing if you're an aspiring film-maker is to get rid of the 'aspiring'... You shoot it, you put your name on it, you're a film-maker." - James Cameron

Filmmaking's best kept secret!

Learn the same way many of the top filmmakers in Hollywood learned.

The most respected instructional product in the film industry is Dov Simens' 2-Day Film School DVD. 16 one hour lessons are the equivalent of 4 years of practical film school. All the facts, none of the fluff!

Taking this course changed my life. Let it change yours.

  • Start making films instead of learning useless theory.
  • Do it your way, at your pace. Do what you're interested in while you save years and thousands of dollars.
  • You will get just the training you need as fast as you need it.
  • Your friends and family may not believe you until they see your name in the credits on the big screen


Dozens of important new techniques you need to know to succeed as a filmmaker in today's Hollywood. You won't learn these anywhere else ... even at the most expensive film schools. But you have to know how to do them right.

  • Kickstarter - Strangers will pay you to make your film
  • Raise $50,000 to $5,000,000 - It has never been easier
  • Shoot 3D - It's important and easy. Learn how.
  • Government programs, grants, credits and rebates
  • Product Placement - Get paid to show products
  • New Low-Budget Agreements - Get great actors for cheap
  • Digital Filmmaking - Best cameras and formats
  • New Distribution Channels - Apple, iTunes, Hulu, Netflix
  • Over 200 example screenplays - Write stories like the pros
  • And many, many more insider techniques no one else is teaching

By the time you would have completed the first semester of film school you will already be a filmmaker.

Dov S-S Simens' Film School DVD This set of DVDs contains the complete, legendary 2-day filmschool class that Quentin Tarantino, Spike Lee and hundreds of other top filmmakers credit with starting their careers.

"Inspiration! Why waste 4 years at a film school? I took Dov's 2-Day Film School and launched my career as a writer who controls his scripts." - Quentin Tarantino

If you can't attend in person then view these 16 hours of DVDs to learn all the basics of being an independent film producer.

Sure, it costs more than a book but way less than one class at UCLA film school.

Dov is no nonsense as he presents the real, honest deal on producing films. Everything to inspire you to go from screenwriting, to directing, to editing, to a sold film. You don't need a film degree.

What are you waiting for?

Start your career today!

Must Have!
Must Have!

The Filmmaker's Basic Library has all the top-rated filmmaking resources.

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