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Colleges for film

Guide to Colleges For Film

Why Go To Film Making School

The most commonly thought reasons to go to a formal film making school are listed below. The student shopping around and comparing colleges for film should note that these reasons for attending film making school are as much the school's sales pitch as anything. There is little proof that the reasons are real and there is much controversy about their real value in starting a filmmaking career.

1. Time for personal projects.
Trying to hold a job and develop your filmmaking talents requires more time than most people have no matter how much they love filmmaking. Attending a movie production school allows concentrated effort and time to perfect one's skills. You will also have access to equipment and, more importantly, other like minded students to collaborate with.

2. Credibility of a diploma
That degree in film is proof that you have had the endurance to complete a course of study. Everything else being the same an individual with a diploma from a film making school might get picked over someone else without the degree. It at least shows you are serious about filmmaking even if it doesn't prove you have skill or talent.

3. Understanding film theory and history
The film industry is constantly looking for new talent with new ideas but a foundation in film theory and an understanding of the history of film seems to often be the difference between an average filmmaker and the best filmmakers.

4. Valuable feedback
The instructors at colleges for film can help guide you through feedback coming from their hopefully better educated point of view.

5. Mentors to guide you
Being surrounded by knowledgeable instructors and peers can result in you being pushed to excel much harder than you would ever dare do on your own.

6. Technical skills
It doesn't seem that art can be taught, but a large part of filmmaking is a set of basic skills that can be learned fairly quickly at movie production schools. You could also learn them by volunteering on a film set but already having them might make it easier to get that production assistant position on a film set to begin with.

7. Connections in the industry
Filmmaking is such a glamorous seeming industry that it seems everyone is trying to get in. It will never be easy to break in but having an alumni network of peers from having attended one of the top colleges for film might provide the connection you need.

Such a large percentage of film school graduates never make it into the industry, and such a very large percentage of those working in movies had no formal training, that there are many who question the real return on investment of the time and tuition required to attend film making schools. You should judge for yourself by researching the options listed here.

Film Summer Schools

A film summer school is an option for students already enrolled in an entirely different course of study but who are interested in film making. Film summer schools might also satisfy the curiosity of adults who want to have a better understanding of how films are made or just wanting to take better home movies.

Notable film summer schools are available from UCLA, USC and NYU as well as many other universities and local community colleges. Check by visiting the links below to see if a film summer school is offered at a school you are interested in.

Traditional Degree Colleges For Film

Multiple Locations/Online Schools

Arizona Movie Production Schools

California Colleges For Film

Colorado Film Making Schools

District of Columbia Film Making School

Florida Colleges For Film

Are Top Film Schools Worth It Today? Surprising Film School Secrets!

Georgia Film Making School

Illinois Colleges For Film

Indiana Film Making School

Kansas Film Making School

Louisiana Film Making School

Maine Film Making School

Maryland Film Making School

Massachusetts Colleges For Film

Michigan Film Making School

Minnesota Colleges For Film

Missouri Film Making School

Nebraska Film Making School

Nevada Film Making School

New Jersey Colleges For Film

New York Film Making Schools

North Carolina Film Making School

Ohio Colleges For Film

Oklahoma Film Making School

Pennsylvania Movie Production Schools

Rhode Island Film Making School

Tennessee Colleges For Film

Texas Colleges For Film

Utah Colleges For Film

Virginia Colleges For Film

Washington State Colleges For Film

Wisconsin Film Making School

Other sources of filmmaking training

There are a lot of way to learn about filmmaking. If there aren't any good, cheap classes available in your area here are some excellent, comprehensive resources you can get.

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